Landscape Consultation

Holistic Approach, Solid Guideance.

A professional consultation is the first step in creating your new landscape.

Whether you are seeking fresh ideas and advice for your garden, are a new homeowner with no idea where to begin, have a landscape that needs renovating or are looking for a backyard living space, a landscape consult is the place to start. For smaller, less demanding needs, a consultation may be all you need. For larger projects, a consultation can be used as the gateway to the design process.
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During the initial on-site consultation, our owner, Lance Hatleli, will personally visit your home, walk with you through your property, and listen carefully to your ideas to determine how you want your landscape to look and feel.

By taking a holistic approach, we can provide order to your ideas.

We will discuss short and long-term goals to determine what you would like your landscape to look like once it has matured. 

We will take the input given by you to solve functional problems and generate design ideas for your space, as well as answer specific questions about plant identification, pruning, plant recommendations, soil amendment, drainage etc. You will then be presented with a written project analysis that will act as a guide in determining how to properly proceed with your project.

Our consultation fee is $95 for a one (1) hour visit. If the consultation requires more time, an hourly fee of $75 will be assessed for each additional hour. We request payment at the time of the consultation. If you decide to proceed to the design phase, the consultation fee will be applied as a deposit for the design fee.

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